Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Joel's club of amazing employees..

You might have notice my link to the site of 'Joel on software'. I read his articles on a regular basis, and usually I either fully agree with him, or consider his point of view as refreshing. But in one of his more recent articles he explains how his company recruites new employees and this time I feel FogCreek Software is probably located on a different planet. First I think it's almost incredible that a company spends so much time and money on recruiting. Second I wonder why his company needs such a continuous supply of the most brilliant programmers, since as far as I can see hey're only selling three major software packages. None of which I ever heard before I started reading his articles, so they certainly do not come near the Microsoft, Oracle or even Computer Associates in quantities.
Nevertheless Joel Spolsky, who runs and manages this enervating business seems to have so much spare time that he can write almost numerous articles for his blog, give interviews, follow his fellow bloggers and comment on them if necessary and even read all 100 articles that appear on MSDN every day... And I don't know about you, but creating a post like this takes me at least two evenings, and when it comes to a a more practical posting (which requires some kind of research) it often takes me a week to complete it.
So by now I'm beginning to think that Joel is not a real person (anymore). Yes, someone with this name probably started up FogCreek, and started this , now famous, weblog. But I think somewhere in time the 'brand name' was probably bought by some huge company ( could be 'M'...) and now the texts are created by a team of professional writers. And since Joels opinion about MicroSoft always was mildly positive, all they have to do is to keep it that way.

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