Friday, January 16, 2009

Is a €550,- Netbook still a Netbook?

With the introduction of the ASUS PC S101 you start wondering what the definition of a Netbook is. The S101 has a larger screen and a bigger keyboard and this of course is reflected in the price of approximately €550,-. Well, maybe I see it wrong, but for €550,- I can already choose from a myriad of different 'normal' laptops that already have a larger screen and keyboard. And way more storage capacity than the internal 32 GB SSD of the s101.
ZDNet defines a Netbook as 'A subnotebook computer that costs less than US$400 and incorporates an Intel Atom microprocessor'.
I would add to that the following:
- Weight less than 1.5 kg
- Runs from batteries for at least 4 hours
- Wifi
- Solid state disk
- Maximum 10 Inch screen

That's a netbook, or else it should just be referred to as portable computer.