Saturday, March 14, 2009

Creative AdWords

Usually I feel the 'intelligence' of Google is impressive. Almost every search I do leads me to the right pages within the first two or three results. And the ads shown on the right of the search pages are also often remarkably relevant. That's why the WTF page shown here really surprised me. (Yes, you hae to click on it to see the details). I saved it as a screendump, since it is unlikely that you would get the same results if you visited the original article now.
On the other hand, the WTF site is definitely a site for real nerds, so the first ad ('How To Pick Up Girls ?') might be in the right place after all.
For those of you that do not master the Dutch language: ad 3 and 5 both lead to shops that sell underwear. Clearly AdWords got mislead by the multiple occurrence of the word 'String' in the source code Which is strange if you realise that Google programmers are probably among the 0.001% of people whose first association to this word is 'string of characters'.