Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Fun with acoustics

Usually it's about computing, but this this XKDC Comic suddenly comes very close to my professional interests. Though not for marking sharks I'm currently part of a team that develops an intelligent acoustic tag for monitoring instruments that are on the seafloor.
As far as I know it's the only really trace of humor I've ever found regarding underwater acoustics...

Thursday, June 04, 2009

And we call it 'Low cost small notebook PC' !

So Microsoft wants to rename the 'Netbook' to 'Low cost small notebook PC'. Great idea. (maybe also since Netbook is actually a copyrighted trademark from Psion..) I think everybody will be happy that this clumsy word will now be replaced by a much more descriptive term ;-) Maybe an abbreviated version ('LoCSNoP') could be used to make this new initiative a huge success like the previous smash-hit 'UMPC'
But why did they not take the opportunity when introducing Windows 7 to rename it to 'Mid priced GUI based operating system for personal computers and laptops, version 7' ?