Wednesday, July 12, 2006

More CF compiling options

It's nice to see how suddenly more people start thinking along the same lines. Stefan Cruysberghs has created an article on the Borland developers network showing how to create CF applications using Delphi. I just read it, and it feels like a deja-vu, since it roughly follows the same procedure as in my previous posts. On the site of JED-Software you can even find a complete package to make Delphi more 'CF-Enabled'. Chee Wee Chua has posted a Compact Framework Project Preprocessor (MakeCFCompatible) to the Borland CodeCentral that's remarkable like my own CFPreProcessor. Ofcourse all of these solutions assume that you are the fortunate owner of Delphi 6 or the Borland Developer Suite 2006, and do not (yet) support .NET 2.0.

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