Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Intermezzo : Developers, developers, developers

The (in)famous 'Developers..' video by Steve Balmer.Probably everybody has seen this one. It's been on television, and you can find it on almost every website that tries to make fun of Microsoft. And even though I tend to think that it's a bit over the top, I sometimes just have to see this 19 seconds because it makes me feel good. Apart from the 'comic' level, it also has expresses a level of appreciation for 'us' developers that I seldom find in my everyday job. Don't get me wrong: I like, even love, what I do and I would probably make fun of anybody who would try to express some kind of appreciation. But sometimes I feel a little envy towards professionals that are more in the spotlights like journalists, politicians or actors. Let's face it, even the people that prepare the food for the people who cary the furniture in an everyday television series get their name mentioned on the title scroll...

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